Cognitive Computing - Demand for Data-driven Intelligence and Accurate Simulative Capabilities Driving Exponential Growth - Increase in Venture Funding and Call for Collaborative Innovations - Advanced Cancer Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment in Healthcare are Experiencing Maximum Impact - Support for Enabling Technology Capabilities Facilitating High Adoption in the United States - Focus Shifting Toward Cognitive Computing for Mobiles - Key Questions for Strategy Planning 4. Context-aware Computing - Increasing Demand for Responsive Applications and Relevant Content Delivery Driving Growth - Government Funding on the Rise for Healthcare Application Development - USPTO Tops Patent Filing List - Consumer Electronics, Retail, and Healthcare to have Significant Impact in Short Term - The United States has Highest Adoption Levels Driven by Key Innovators in ICT - Stakeholders Focusing Primarily on Application Development - Key Questions Pertinent to Context-aware Computing Technology 5. Cybersecurity - Increasing Concerns over Protection of Critical National Infrastructure is Primarily Driving Growth - Government Investment and USA R&D Cluster Place North America at the Forefront - Advanced Analytics is Gaining Popularity in ICT and Defense Security Solutions - Europe's R&D Cluster is Playing a Significant Role in Adoption - Technology Innovation is the Key Strategy for Competitive Advantage - Key Questions for Strategy Planning 6. Mixed Reality - Improving Energy Efficiency and Compact Design will Boost Sales - Venture Funding Primarily Driving Innovations across the Globe - Gaming, Entertainment, and Education will Experience Maximum Impact in the Short Term - North American and Asian Countries will Experience Rapid Penetration - Technology Licensing is the Key Strategy for Expansion among Large Corporates - Key Questions for Strategy Planning 7. Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Increasing Demand for Automation Drives Growth - Funding on the Rise for Applications in Media and Publishing - IBM Tops Patent Holders' List - ICT, BFSI, and Healthcare to have Maximum Impact in Short Term - High Acceptance of Technology Enables the United States to Remain on the Top - Start-ups Driving Key Innovations for NLP Applications - Key Questions Pertinent to NLP Technology 8. Predictive Analytics - Demand for Agile BI Driving Analytics Market Globally - Venture and Government Funding Rising; USPTO has Granted Maximum Patents in the Last 3 Years - Predictive Forecasting Capabilities to have Maximum Impact on BFSI and Retail Sectors - APAC has Recorded the Highest Adoption Rate Globally - Innovators Focus on Internet of Things, Mobile BI, and Retail Applications - Key Questions for Strategy Planning 9.

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