Dividend.Dom tracks every stock publicly traded that offers a dividend. So, now that we know this, lets figure out what type of investment makes the most sense for your situation. A Money Market Deposit Account MMDA or, as it is also Dommonly known, a Money Market Account AMA is used as a savings' vehicle. These investments can include blue-chip shares, high-dividend exchange-traded funds and municipal bonds. However, you or your investment broker must carefully monitor market fluctuations to maximize earnings. SmartMoney.com has an asset allocation system.

The 529 plan also does not have any specific income limits that you must meet in order to make contributions. Municipal notes can be an alternative to a municipal bond. Aside from the lengthy duration to maturity and nearly non-existent interest rates, treasury bonds are a good place to invest money because there is no doubt your IOU will be paid. Your investments should be something you put on auto pilot. Budget deficits imply that the government might borrow more in future, hence, reducing the price of existing government bonds. Exchange-traded funds allow you to buy or sell them over the stock market like a stock.